Privacy Policy

This privacy policy statement explains how AITCo Consulting uses and protects that information given to our Company by those accessing and using our website.

AITCo Consulting is committed to ensuring that the full privacy of all visitors to our website,, is protected. Should our Company ever request certain details by which you might be identified when accessing our site, AITCo Consulting assures all visitors that the information gained would only ever be used strictly in accordance with the stated terms of this privacy statement.

AITCo Consulting might alter the detail of this privacy policy occasionally in future in order to encompass new legal requirements or to enhance the level of privacy being made available. All visitors are invited to visit the website to make sure that any changes meet with approval and/or agreement.

This edition of AITCo Consulting’s privacy policy is valid from 13th October 2014.

What information is collected by AITCo Consulting

We might collect information from details entered on our “Contact” page:
full name : contact details & email addresses : details of each client’s enquiries

Website visitors using enabled Javascript may be tracked by utilising Google Analytics. AITCo Consulting uses this detail to optimise our website. The process aims for the continuous future upgrading of information quality being offered to each visitor.

Google Analytics keeps the following details for quality improvement:

  • Time and date of each visit; website pages visited; time spent on each page per visit Type of browser used
  • Type of operating system and certain software settings
  • Search terms used for the visit by the referring website
  • IP address or domain name – internet connection speed, geographical details, host name.

What is done with the information obtained by AITCo Consulting

The information is obtained for understanding each client’s need and for providing a proper response to any enquiry received on the site. We might uses data as follows:

  • keeping of internal records
  • using information provided for improving AITCo Consulting’s service
  • submit relevant service or product information by email
  • occasional approaches by email, phone, fax or post for marketing
  • improvement – the aim would focus upon opinions likely to improve future website quality

How AITCo Consulting uses cookies

Cookies are tiny files asking for permission to be placed on a visitor’s computer hard drive.

If accepted, cookies analyses web traffic. They allow web applications to refer to visitors as individuals. The web application can be tailored to client’s specific needs by holding data concerning individual requirements and by remembering personal preferences.

Traffic log cookies are used to identify use of web pages. This process assists with traffic analysis and with providing each visitor with more relevant information in terms of their known preferences. Such information gained is used purely for analytical purposes, after which it is immediately and permanently deleted by AITCo Consulting from computer files.

A cookie cannot give AITCo Consulting any form of access into a visitor’s computer. Nor can AITCo Consulting obtain any other personal information beyond that shared with our Company by the visitor themselves on a purely voluntary basis.

It is the website’s visitor who decides whether a cookie is accepted or refused. Many web browsers accept cookies automatically, but clients are able to configure their own personal settings to maintain full control. Blanket refusal to accept cookies may mean that a visitor is denied the full advantages which a cookie might be able to offer.

Links to other websites

The AITCo Consulting website may offer its visitors links to other relevant sites. Be aware that the legal responsibility of our Company ceases the moment a visitor chooses to leave our website.

We have no control over any other website. We are not responsible for the privacy protection offered for personal information given upon another site.

Please note that no other sites are bound by this privacy statement, which refers specifically to AITCo Consulting’s own website.

When other websites are visited, AITCo Consulting suggests that each visitor should act with caution, ensuring that they read carefully any privacy statement applicable to the site in question.

A visitor’s control over their own personal information

Collection or use of personal information may be managed by the visitor as follows:

if requested to complete a website form and not wishing the information to be used for direct marketing, then indicate your preference as part of your enquiry.

if a visitor has previously agreed that AITCo Consulting might use their personal information for future direct marketing, the visitor may change their mind at any time by writing to our Company or by emailing their preference to

AITCo Consulting will never divulge, sell, distribute or lease a website visitor’s personal information to any third party. Unless required to do so by English law.

AITCo Consulting might choose to use a visitor’s personal data to send that visitor details of third party information which might be deemed as relevant. But the visitor must inform AITCo Consulting of their wishes in advance.

Under the terms of the 1998 Data Protection Act, a visitor to AITCo Consulting’s website may request full details of their personal information held by our Company. A small fee is payable. If any visitor requires a copy of their personal details held by AITCo Consulting, an email request may be made to

Should a website visitor believe that any aspect of their personal information held by our Company is either incorrect or incomplete, we would appreciate an amendment being provided immediately to AITCo Consulting in writing or by email.