Window Film Consultancy

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Clients often wish to use window film to achieve safe glass.

Our window film experience goes back to the first security blast films, developed in the 1970’s in east London. which Colin Allen, AITCo Consulting’s owner, had direct influence with. A fine product now more likely to be put up without a genuine clue to how safety & security films work which can be the difference between life and death.

Window film project management

 Our window film experience goes back to the first security blast films, developed in the 1970s in east London. A fine product now degraded to wallpapering glass. Often by ill-trained, seemingly unsupervised staff “fitting” film of unknown origin.

By turning the system on its head, AITCo Consulting works purely on behalf of the owner of the glass. Never for a window film manufacturer or the window film fitting company appointed to the contract.

The service is comprehensive:

  • development of stringent application method statements
  • project tendering for a window film selected with verified testing certification
  • controls to prevent the switching of specified products for unverified material
  • checking expertise, insurance and DBS status of each window film fitter
  • quality control inspections made throughout the fitting phase
  • film failure to be replaced at the contractor’s expense
  • issue of quality certificate and advice for releasing payment
  • implementation of project warranties and aftercare

Destructive testing of window film

Subjected to blast or heavy impact, a window film will either work or it will fail. The most sensible method for ensuring a fitted film performs to specification is to control its application onto the glass substrate.

Where that is not possible, then the film may also be tested subsequently to judge the vital surface grip of its cured out adhesive system.

The British government uses a simple test, which professional opinion believes realistic. The Glass & Glazing Federation (GGF), the haunt of all major fitters of window  film, issues a very complex testing regime. So complex that few can actually understand just how it may be carried out in practice. Nor can many understand what it is trying to achieve.

The GGF test aims really to prove that existing window film has failed and that it is        high time to consider a replacement. Presumably by one of their own members.

AITCo Consulting has another opinion. A client would like confirmation of whether their installed product is up to full impact standard. Bear in mind that properly fitted applied film achieves most of its impact resistance within 48 hours of application.

The window film trade claims that a 60-90 days period should elapse, before any film may be deemed fully cured. Even that is not guaranteed, unless the proper fitting methods have been applied.

With this in mind, AITCo Consulting has launch a “constructive destructive” window film adhesion testing service during 2016.

The test will follow the Government guidelines and confirm whether a newly cured film will offer its declared level of impact resistance. Or not.

If the fitted film fails, a client will be advised upon the most appropriate means for obtaining redress.

AITCo Consulting puts its safe glass experience at the disposal of all UK & International clients. Each element of the service stands alone or may be combined with any of the other factors

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