Who are AITCo Consulting?

AITCo Consulting is an independent glass safety, security & window film consultancy based in Norfolk. The Company was formed in 1994.

Colin Allen

Colin AllenHello. My name is Colin Allen and I am the Proprietor of AITCo Consulting.

Despite an early career in export marketing, I developed a range of Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) security panels in the late 1970s.

A meeting with the UK pioneer of the first true blast security window film, was profound. And sparked more than 30 years of commitment to the art and science of glass safety & security.

I took a keen interest in UK and European glass safety regulation. This led to promoting the interests of the newly formed Glass & Glazing Federation (GGF) window film section, which I helped to set up including the standards committee.

I was elected in 1993 by the members of the Window Film section to be their representative on the GGF’s standards committee. This committee considered a wide range of topics affecting the industry, including supervising regulations being dealt with by the EEC on a European wide basis.
 In 1994, I set up AITCo Consulting as an independent glass safety & security risk consultancy.

James Allen

James Allen - Glass safety, security & window film consultantHello. My name is James Allen & I am a glass safety & security risk consultant.

How I became a Glass Safety Risk assessor was, believe it or not, by accident or actually after one!!!! (I suffered a severe leg injury during a game of football).

My love of cars had given me so much joy and excitement growing up that when my dream job becoming an apprentice car mechanic came up, I jumped at the chance and there I was, out in the big wide world of work.

23 years and a few grey hairs later, set me up to where I am now, Vigorous Health and Safety training was a priority and I soon grasped that not only was my own safety paramount, but those immediately around me too.

I had it installed in to me very early whilst being an apprentice mechanic, that planning your work before you even lifted a spanner, was always the best way. I still carry that mentality and logic through now when compiling glass safety and security surveys.

I always think 2, or even 3 steps ahead as this helps me to analyse potential hazards / issues that had I not done the background work, I might have missed.

In 1995, I started my glazing safety / security apprenticeship working under the guidance of my father, Colin Allen.

This led to me setting up his own company, GenDoCo Window Films to utilise the knowledge gained from his experience with Colin Allen.

I decided it was time to team up again with Colin Allen in 2008.