Safety & Security window film “Mind the Gap”


We have all heard this message coming over the speaker system when either getting on or off a tube train, or painted along the platform’s edge. It’s nice to know that someone really cares for our safety.

But what has this got to do with glass, I hear you say.

Over the last 38 years, safety & security window film has been used to upgrade glass to meet current safety legislation in the event of human impact. It has also been used to stop shards of glass flying in to the air in the event of an explosion / from direct impact by an object such as a piece of wood, metal pole etc etc.

To achieve maximum performance, the film must have been installed correctly from the outset. This includes all the necessary preparation to the glass surface, frame edges and gaskets. If this part of the process is ignored, or done with a cavalier attitude, then up to 60% of it’s performance has already been lost.

Tests have shown that the bigger the gap between the window film’s edge and frame / gasket, then performance again is lessened. So the smaller the gap, performance of the film increases and the risk of the pane falling completely out of the frame is reduced dramatically.

In our 38 years of window film knowledge, the best results are achieved by getting the film right up to the frame / gasket edge. We have seen some edge gaps where you could drive a tube train right through the middle of it!!

Our advice is simple………….






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