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What is the real Enigma behind Glass safety regulation??

Safe glass in any UK business premises is as important as not having Asbestos present. Asbestos surveys are carried out as part of yearly checks as a matter of course, but believe it or not, safe glass doesn’t even get a look in!! So, what’s behind this exclusion??           […]

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Glass Graffiti

Glass Graffiti a problem? Graffiti on glass can become a problem for many building owners. We explain how to effectively keep the graffiti at bay by following these simple rules. Click on the link below to read our article.   Glass Graffiti PDF

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Security Window film attachment systems

This is not an article that I wrote myself, but I was asked by the author, Casey Neeley for Window Film Magazine  to give my comments for it which can been seen towards the bottom of the article. “It is extremely important that the appropriate film and attachment system be chosen when handling a security film project,” says […]

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