Glass safety & security risk assessors

The personal safety of human life comes before all else

AITCo Consulting: an independent family company with more than forty years  practical experience of analysing safe and secure glass within local authority, commercial and industrial premises. Anywhere where glass, however it’s broken, will inflict personal injury or breach security.

So why choose AITCo Consulting for your glass safety and security needs?

We realised many years ago, that there wasn’t any independent companies / individuals who could offer safe and secure glass risk assessments; who weren’t already tied in to another service / product they had to sell. These 2 products are :-

  1. Glass
  2. Window Film

It wasn’t long before “Free Risk Assessments” were becoming the norm, just to obtain the work to push as much window film or glass out of the door. The real cost of the “free risk assessment” is added on to the sale of glass or window film.

A “free risk assessment” is merely someone’s opinion and might not have full legal standing if required in a UK court of law.

We are TOTALLY INDEPENDENT from any glass company or manufacturer, and the same goes for window film too.

Only we can offer a fully unbiased service in this regard. A service free of all contractual obligation to any third party, solely with the needs of the client as our priority. Our expertise and dedication along with our unbiased service gives the client peace of mind in knowing that they can have a safe and secure premises.

Glass Safety

Glass Safety is all about protecting people from serious injury where unsafe glass is present.

Glass Security

Glass security is a very important piece of the jigsaw in the fight towards Counter-Terrorism & preventing Crime / Vandalism.

Would you like some more information about glass safety and security?

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